CPNP notification is mandatory for all cosmetic products placed on the European market.

    To do a proper registration of the company to the ECAS and make a precise notification to the CPNP requires some laborious steps and attention when compiling various modules. This because cosmetic products will be evaluated through the above-mentioned CPNP portal managed by the European Commission for aspects related to human health safety.


    Article 13 of Regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetics distinguishes two types of notification:

    • CPNP Notification as Responsible Person: This notification has to be done if a cosmetic product is placed on the European market for the first time. It’s mandatory to enter all the information necessary to identify the product.
    • CPNP Notification as a Distributor: This is done if the cosmetic product has already been placed on the market by one of the EU member states. It’s required to translate the label into the language of the destination country without making any further changes. If, however, a supposed distributor would like to enter the product concerned, however, changing the brand or product name will be considered as the Responsible Person.
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